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Asistur Medical Insurance
As of May 1, 2010, all island visitors are required to have official Cuban health insurance policies in place prior to arrival.

Most US airlines include the cost of Asistur Cuban Medical Insurance in the cost of your ticket. Please, double check with your airline about this requirement.

If Asistur Cuban Medical Insurance is not included by your air carrier, please contact us to secure it through us at an additional cost.

ASISTUR is the official Cuban insurance agency providing medical coverage for island visitors. ASISTUR organizes medical services and support across the nation for travelers as needed. Emergency response is available 24 hours a day. ASISTUR coordinates services with many major medical and insurance companies globally.

ASISTUR insurance covers the following medical services and procedures while in Cuba.
  • Medical care in hospital, clinic or home.
  • Monitoring and attending to the patient's condition.
  • Obtaining and issuing medical reports.
  • Coordination of wheelchairs and medication.
  • Coordination of air and land ambulance services.
  • Coordination of medical expenses.
  • ASISTUR insurance covers medical evacuation from Cuba up to a limited amount, including:
  • Monitoring and attending to a patient's condition while in transit.
  • Airline flight bookings and transportation to the airport.
  • Accommodation for health care providers.
  • Authorization for air ambulance landing.
  • Coordination of air and land ambulances.
  • Assistance from air ambulance crew.
  • ASISTUR insurance covers repatriation from Cuba in the event of death up to a limited amount,including:
  • Medical and legal procedures required for funerary services.
  • Processing of documents with local and consular authorities.
  • Airline booking and transportation to the airport.
  • Dispatching appropriate documents to funeral provider.
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