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Cuba Study Tours & Travel to Cuba from USA
US Cuba Study Tours & Travel
Authentic Cuba Travel® offers universities, colleges and schools from US, Canada and all over the world the best study trips to Cuba.

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Cuba Tours

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Cuba Tours

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Cuba Tours

US Cuba Educational Tours & Travel
Educational Travel to Cuba should be more than sunbathing in beautiful Caribbean beaches while sipping cold tropical drinks.

Cuba Tours

Cuba Tours

Cuba Tours

Cuba Tours

Cuba Tours

Cuba Tours

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Why Authentic Cuba Travel®
Cuba Educational Tours?

Free Cuba Explorer Tours for North American Educators!

Authentic Cuba Travel® is offering for the 10th year in a row a new level of service for our loyal educators: the free pre-departure Cuba Explorer Tours.

We recognize that professors, teachers and educators may appreciate travelling to Cuba before taking their students –especially those who have not been to Cuba before. *1

That’s why, we have scheduled several familiarization educational Cuba tours for 2022 that are free for those educators who qualify.

Yes, you will travel for free! Authentic Cuba Tours will cover all your included Cuba study tour costs plus your return airfare via Miami, Toronto or Cancun.*2

Please, visit the following websites for all information on our Cuba Explorer Trips:

  • Cuba Education Tour 9Havana, Cienfuegos & TrinidadDec 26- Jan 2, 2025Book Now
  • Cuba Education Tour 10Havana, Bay of Pigs, Santa.. Dec 26- Jan 2, 2025Book Now
  • Cuba Education Tour 11Havana & Santiago de Cuba Dec 26- Jan 2, 2025Book Now
  • Cuba Education Tour 1Havana, Cienfuegos & Trinidad Feb 22- Mar 1, 2025Book Now
  • Cuba Education Tour 2Havana, Cienfuegos & Trinidad Mar 1- Mar 8, 2025Book Now
  • Cuba Education Tour 3Havana, Bay of Pigs, Santa..Mar 8- Mar 15, 2025Book Now
  • Cuba Education Tour 4Havana, Las Terrazas & Vinales Mar 15- Mar 22, 2025Book Now
  • Cuba Education Tour 5Havana, Cienfuegos & Trinidad Jun 7- Jun 14, 2025Book Now
  • Cuba Education Tour 6Havana & Santiago de Cuba Jul 5- Jul 12, 2025Book Now
  • Cuba Education Tour 7Havana, Las Terrazas & Vinales Jul 12- Jul 19, 2025Book Now
  • Cuba Education Tour 8Havana, Cienfuegos & TrinidadAug 9- Aug 16, 2025Book Now

  • Is it a limited offer?

    Yes, because of high costs associated, Authentic Cuba Travel® can offer such free Cuba Explorer Tours to 20 teachers a year only.

    Who qualifies for the Exploratory Cuba Educational Tours?

    All professors, teachers and educators that are planning a school trip to Cuba for the year 2024 with Authentic Cuba Travel® qualify.

    If you are not planning your school Cuba tour yet, please send us your Request for Cuba Tour to qualify for your participation in the Free Cuba Explorer Tours.

    Remember, capacity for these Cuba Educational Journeys is limited.

    Authentic Cuba Travel® considers “planning a school trip to Cuba” as follows:

    • Your school board has already approved your school educational Cuba tour for 2024.
    • You have been promoting the tour with your students and parents, and you can guarantee a minimum number of participating students.
    • A $300 non-refundable deposit has been paid to us before the end of school year prior to your school trip to Cuba.
    The $300 non-refundable deposit is deducted from the final tour payment, and it is used to pre-book return airfare, hotel accommodation and other services in Cuba for your school Cuba tour in 2022. By pre-booking early we guarantee best rates and services.

    *1 Limited to one educator per school.
    *2 Connections to and from Miami, Cancun or Toronto are at the expense of teachers individually, and not included in the Cuba Familiarization Tours.

    We Have the Lowest Prices for Cuba Tours

    Authentic Cuba Travel® is able to take advantage of competitive discounts from our tour service providers in Cuba (Cuban hotels, receptive companies, restaurants, and others) in large part due to our reputation and the considerable experience of our Canadian and Cuban staff within the travel industry of Cuba. We pass those savings right along to the participants in our Cuba study tours for 2024. We offer Cuba education tours that are hundreds less than they previously were, and hundreds less than our competitors who are offering similar cultural, educational, and nature Cuba tours.

    We Offer the Lowest Airfares for Cuba Education Tours

    The reputation, good relations, and experience of Authentic Cuba Travel® in the USA Cuba travel industry has enabled us to command extremely competitive discounted rates for groups with Cuban, Canadian, and North American airlines. Thanks to these discounts, we can lower the costs for our Cuba education tours for 2024. Our Cuba study tours are priced hundreds of dollars less than the previous year, and hundreds less than our competitors who are offering similar Cuba tours in 2024.

    The Cuba Travel Experience Features UNESCO World Heritage Sites

    Your Cuba Travel wouldn’t be complete without exploring Cuba’s premier UNESCO World Heritage Sites. All Cuba tours by Authentic Cuba Travel® include visits to Cuban sites that are considered to be the most well preserved examples of Spanish historic cores within The Americas in the present day. We visit the Camaguey Historic Center and Old Havana, as well as the Cienfuegos and Trinidad Historic Cores among many others. All of our Cuba education tours are guided by well-trained university graduates from Cuba and are fully escorted.

    The Majority of Revenues from Authentic Cuba Tours Remain In Cuba

    Due to direct involvement by the cultural organizations and institutions of Cuba as well as conservations and environmentalist groups, colleges and universities, Cuban personalities, local Cuban tour companies, small communities, as well as other Cuban hosts in operating and designing our authentic Cuba tours, we are able to offer fully escorted nature, cultural, and education tours of Cuba that are unparalleled in their quality, variety, and the smoothness with which they run. In exchange, the majority of revenues from Authentic Cuba Travel® stay in Cuba to benefit each and every person and institution that has made it all possible in the first place. We are eternally grateful for everyone who has made our Cuba tours and programs the absolute best experience for our tour participants!

    Cuba Travel Deposits Are Transferable and Never Expire

    At Authentic Cuba Travel®, we understand that Cuba travel plans can change or require a delay, which is why we have established a fully transferable Lifetime Deposit. With this option, the Cuba traveler can be sure that if they must delay or cancel a Cuba trip, they can still have the opportunity to take a cultural or educational tour of Cuba the next time.

    With a lifetime deposit, any of the participants in our Cuba tours who have been forced to delay their departure may retain the initial deposit to use at a later date. No additional charges and we don’t ask questions. This policy of Lifetime Deposits can mean that travelers can save the initial deposit (just one per tour per person) indefinitely, whether they decide to take the trip again in 10 years or 10 weeks.

    Note, however, that in the case that Cuba travel cancellation takes place within 60 days or less before the day of departure, travelers will forfeit 50% of the payment for the ground tour, and if it is 30 days or less before the day of departure tour participants will forfeit 100% of the payment for the ground tour. Please do refer to the Terms and Conditions to be provided with more details.

    As we understand that your preferences for travel to Cuba are subject to change with the passing of time, the Lifetime Deposit may be used for any Cuba escorted tours that we offer in the future, not just for the Cuba educational tour you originally booked. You may use the Lifetime Deposit in order to find a trip that you want to take as you plan for your next educational and cultural tour with us.

    With this policy, the Lifetime Deposit is transferable as well. You may transfer the deposit to any other traveler for no extra charge!

    This applies to the value of the “deposit” payment portion only. Any and all additional payment or final payments are subject to our Terms and Conditions. This is not redeemable in addition to any other discount, offer, or promotion.

    Cuba Tours Operated On Responsible and Sustainable Principles

    When an industry is committed to sustainable tourism, it is committed to practices that make a small impact on local culture and the environment as well as helping generate employment for the people of the local area. A dedication to ensuring that development is ultimately a positive for the local people, the tourists, and the tour companies is sustainable tourism.

    At Authentic Cuba Travel®, our itineraries and Cuba tours are designed to stay within the Cape Town Declaration on Responsible Tourism guidelines.

    All of our Cuba education tours meet these considerations:
  • Minimize negative social, environmental, and economic impacts
  • Create greater benefits economically for the local people as well as enhance the host communities, offering improvements in working conditions as well as access to industry
  • Local people are involved in making the decisions that have an effect on their life chances and their lives
  • Positive contributions are made to conserving the cultural and natural heritage as well as maintaining the diversity of Cuba
  • Tourists are provided with a more enjoyable experience through meaningful connections to local people along with a better understanding of environmental, social, and local cultural issues
  • Mutual respect is engendered between hosts and tourists while building local confidence and pride
  • Sustainable tourism means that participants in our escorted Cuba tours have the chance to enjoy a holiday while also respecting the culture, the people, and environment in the areas that they tour. Additionally, it means that the people have a say in the Cuba travel planning process and will get the majority of the funds generated from our tours to Cuba.

    Authentic Cuba Tours include Cuban UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

    With the support of the foremost nature conservation and environmentalist organizations in Cuba, Authentic Cuba Travel® has access to some of the best and most pristine Cuban natural sites on the island. From Protected Areas to National Parks and UNESCO Biosphere Reserves, we offer bird watchers, nature lovers, biologists, naturalists, nature conservationists, and environmentalists a unique and rare opportunity to see the amazing biodiversity of the largest island in the Caribbean.

    Our nature Cuba tours are designed to capture the biodiversity and natural beauty of the fauna and flora that has defined the small island nation as one of the most unique eco-tourism destinations in the Greater Antilles. As one travels through protected areas, national parks, and UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, there is the unique opportunity to interact with local naturalists, scientists, ornithologists, and communities while enjoying Support for the Cuban People cross cultural exchanges and Cuba travel experiences that will likely stay with you throughout your lifetime.

    Support for the Cuban People Travel by Cuba’s Most Experienced Staff

    At Authentic Cuba Travel®, we know and understand Cuba better than anybody else does! From our experienced directors to our tour guides, representatives, and leaders in Cuba and North America, each and every one of us has worked in the travel industry of Cuba for at least ten years. When it comes to Cuba travel, experience counts!

    Nobody knows and understands Cuba like us! Travel in Support for the Cuban People Cuba tours designed by Cubans for North Americans. Give us a call…you will notice that our tour directors are fluent speakers of Spanish and English and have a minimum of ten years of experience living in and working in Cuba. Guaranteed! If you’re looking for Cuba education tours, you won’t be in better hands!

    We Offer the Safest Cuba Education Tours

    Safety comes first when you join our authentic Cuba tours. We make safety our top priority, which is why our staff performs rigorous checks for safety and provides constant on-tour expertise as well as on-site immediate assistance.

    Our experienced operation staff takes the time to visit every site, restaurant, and hotel in order to ensure that they are up to our security and safety guidelines. Unlike some other companies offering Cuba education tours these days, we will not book you to a shared dormitory with 4 - 5 beds in order to offer you an “unbelievable” upfront costs that will dramatically increase later. We only book participants in our Cuba tours in comfortable, safe, and clean single/double rooms at the finest resorts and hotels that are available in each area that we visit within your price range.

    Even more importantly, we do business with hotels that are accustomed to and pleased to receive our Cuba tour groups. Our foreign visitors receive a quality of service, attention level, and friendliness from the hotel staff that is unparalleled in the Cuba travel tourism industry.

    At Authentic Cuba Travel®, we are an exclusive partner of the best Cuban transportation companies such as Transgaviota and Havanatur, which have the largest, safest, newest, and most advanced fleet in the country. We exclusively provide air-conditioned luxury motor coaches that have the most experienced drivers for our escorted Cuba tours.

    Each tour group is accompanied by an Authentic Cuba bus driver and an expert Cuban guide along the journey that will provide immediate and constant guidance. Each driver and guide has been trained and is fully certified to deal with any and all situations that may come up.

    Customizable Cuba Tours to Excel you Authentic Cuba Experience

    Our nature, cultural, and educational Cuba tours are completely customizable to the requirements of your private group, business, or organization around any theme or interest.

    We will assist groups with the organization of conferences, festivals, and events in Cuba and facilitate your entire itinerary, accommodation, and Cuba travel arrangements from your departure to your return.

    We ensure that your authentic Cuba experience is memorable, safe, and rewarding. We have the most experienced staff in Cuba and Canada who guarantees seamless and quick coordination.

    As a complimentary service, we will deliver a custom designed itinerary proposal as well as a budget to you in about 2 days which can be adjust as many times as required until you are satisfy with the final itinerary and price.

    Unless you’re prepared to pay quite a bit of money, the minimum size of your group is ten (10) travelers. There is, however, no limit on the size of your group. A larger group will see a dramatic drop in the costs.

    Best Collection of Escorted Cuba Tours at Affordable Prices

    At Authentic Cuba Travel®, we offer the largest and best selection of nature, cultural, and escorted Cuba tours. You will not find another company that will offer the scope or quality of the fully escorted tours to Cuba that we do. Every staff member in our organization has worked and lived in the travel industry of Cuba for a minimum of ten years. We do tours to Cuba, and just to Cuba. Remember, experience counts when you are talking about Cuba travel.

    All of the tours that we offer include luxury vehicles complete with a private driver, best value accommodations, access to every nature, cultural, and educational activity, most meals, and an expert tour guide responsible for making sure that you receive service that is first-class throughout your cultural, nature, and educational learning experience.

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