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Museum of Fine Arts, Cuban Collection Building

Museum of Fine Arts, Cuba
Cuban Collection of Arts

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Wifredo Lam Painting at Fine Arts Museum of Cuba Art has long been a part of Cuban tradition. The nation has been home to some of the most remarkable painters, sculptors, and visual artists in the world, and the island’s National Museum of Fine Arts holds an absolutely astonishing collection of local and universal works of art. While the museum was created in 1913 by one of Cuba’s most famous architects and moved in 1954, it has really only been since its rebirth in 2001 that the museum has gained such global acclaim.

The museum is situated in three buildings. The colonial building in Old Havana that was once the Barracks of Cavalry, is used to house preservation and restoration projects, as well as the museum’s administrative offices.

The Palacio de Bellas Artes, or Palace of Fine Arts, largely considered the main attraction of the museum, holds only works of art created by Cubans. Here, the Cuba explorer can find works by the likes of Nicolas de la Escalera, Victor Manuel, Menocal, and more. Each floor has a unique theme, ranging from colonial art to modern and contemporary art and more.

The third building that comprises the Cuban Museum of Fine Arts is the former Asturian Center. This building is situated across from Central Park and was constructed in 1927. Here, visitors will find an incredible collection of universal art, including ancient art from Egypt and Mesopotamia. Greek and Roman art are also common here, as well as a wide selection of European Art. The Count of Lagunillas Collection is found within this building and is largely considered to be one of the most famous collections in the museum’s possession.

Installation at Fine Arts Museum of Cuba Cuban art is an ideal representation of the island’s culture, and works spanning from colonial Spanish times to the current era provide an incredible way for scholars to understand both how the island has changed and how it has remained much the same. The Cuban Museum of Fine Arts is certainly a must-see attraction for art scholars who are visiting the island, but it is also a highly recommended destination for other Cuba travellers as well.

Cuban Architecture buffs will find much to love about the buildings themselves, while the artwork contained within lends itself to admiration from all who choose to visit. There is much to see and do while visiting the Cuban capital, but for those who are seeking an in-depth glimpse into both the culture and history of Cuba, the National Museum of Fine Arts may prove one of the best Things-to Do to include.

Cuban Arts Museum, Havana

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