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U.S. Cuba Legal Travel It is possible for American citizens to go to Cuba legally. However, before embarking on your Cuba trip planning, be aware of all updates, revised restrictions and the intricacies of the

Cuba Travel Regulations

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People-to-people Cuba Tours & Travel Discount Cuba Tours Official Picture of Authentic Cuba Travel Jo Jazz Havana Cuba 2014 2014 Jazz Festival of Havana, Cuba Cuba Photography Tours December 2014 Performance by Cuban Mendive Jewish Heritage Cuba Tour December 2014 Cuba Educational & Cultural Travel 2014 Cuba Beach for Spring Break 2014 Free Cuba Travel for Educators Obama Eases USA Cuba Travel Restrictions

Authentic Cuba Travel - Featured Cuba Escorted Tours 2014

  • Jo Jazz Havana
    Havana, Las Terrazas, Vinales Valley
    Nov 12 to Nov 19, 2014
    $1,699 (tax incl.)
  • 7 Historical Cuban Cities
    Havana, Cienfuegos, Trinidad
    Nov 13 to Nov 24, 2014
    $2,559 (tax incl.)
  • Cuba Nature Tours
    Travel to Havana, Trinidad, Vinales...
    Nov 14 to Nov 23, 2014
    $2,229 (tax incl.)
  • Cuba Real Tour 8
    Tours Havana, Cienfuegos, Trinidad
    Nov 15 to Nov 22, 2014
    $1,999 (tax incl.)
  • Havana Film Festival
    Travels to Havana City & Vinales Valley
    Dec 6 to Dec 13, 2014
    $1,879 (tax incl.)
  • Havana Jazz Festival
    Havana, Vinales Valley, Cienfuegos, Trinidad
    Dec 14 to Dec 22, 2014
    $1,799 (tax incl.)
  • Cuba Art Explorer IV
    Havana, Las Terrazas, Vinales
    Dec 27 to Jan 3, 2015
    $1,759 (tax incl.)
  • Jewish Cuba Tour
    Havana, Santa Clara, Cienfuegos, Trinidad..
    Dec 27 to Jan 3, 2015
    $1,999 (tax incl.)

Authentic Cuba Travel, Your Gateway to Authentic Cuba
Unparalleled USA Cuba Travel Expertise

There is no doubt that Cuba is one of the most incredible travel destinations in the Caribbean. So much of history has happened here over the course of hundreds of years, and due to political issues that have strained Cuba travel and tourism, much of the Cuban culture lies relatively untouched by outside influences. At Authentic Cuba Travel, this is the side of the island that we want our travellers to see and explore. We want to take you beyond tourist resorts and beautiful beaches and into authentic Cuba.

Getting to know the authentic Cuba means taking the time to see smaller towns and villages. It means getting to explore Cuba’s architecture, see Cuba’s beautiful parks and nature reserves, and hear Cuba’s music and spend time with the Cuban people. Our Cuba educational & cultural tours will do so much more than simply give you fun in the sun; we can provide a true cultural experience. So many people outside of Cuba know only what they have read in history books or seen on television, but the true Cuban experience is one that is richer, broader, and deeper than you could possibly imagine.

If you want to get to know Cuba the way the locals know Cuba, authentic Cuba tours are your best choice for the opportunity to get to know the authentic Cuba. Authentic Cuba Travel specializes in educational travel, cultural travel, nature travel, Cuban festivals & events, custom Cuba tours and more, and thanks to recent changes in USA Cuba travel regulations, we are currently able to provide legal Cuba travel services for Americans looking to visit Cuba for educational purposes on people to people Cuba tours. Take the time to look through the large selection of thematic authentic Cuba tours we offer and we are sure you’ll understand why Authentic Cuba Travel is your gateway into the authentic Cuba.
Authentic Cuba Travel proudly supports the campaign Autentica Cuba (AUTHENTIC CUBA) by the Cuban Tourist Board of Canada. Take a tour of the real Cuba!

Authentic Cuba Travel's Core Values

Despite the fact that almost 3 million travellers come to Cuba each year, very few people get the opportunity to see and experience the real Cuba that can only be found outside of overcrowded tourist resorts and sunny beaches.

What makes Cuba unique are its people and its culture. For travellers seeking more than just a fun in the sun getaway, Cuba cultural and educational travel from Authentic Cuba Travel offers a completely different approach to Cuba tourism. Each year we run more than 50 unique authentic Cuba tours that offer anything from festivals and cultural events to arts, architecture, nature, and more. At Authentic Cuba Travel, we work to create escorted Cuba tours that help better capture Cuba’s cultural identity and to showcase what makes Cuba authentic even among other Caribbean islands.

To put it plainly, we want people who embark on our authentic cuba tours to have the opportunity to experience the real Cuba; to eat the Cuban food, speak with the Cuban people, and see Cuba the way locals see it. The moment you contact our Cuba travel agency, you speak with bilingual tour directors with years of experience in the Cuban travel industry. Better still, once you arrive on the island, you will find that your tour escort will be a world-renowned, Cuban expert and university graduate.

Another quality that helps set Authentic Cuba Travel apart is that all of our fully escorted tours to Cuba are built on the principles of sustainable tourism. In short, it means that our travellers are given the chance to see and experience the authentic Cuba because we make a promise to respect the people, culture, and environment during our tours.

Cuban locals play a large role in developing our itineraries in accordance with the rules and guidelines of the Cape Town Declaration on Responsible Tourism, and actually receive a large percentage of the money generated by our tours.

The staff here at Authentic Cuba Travel has gathered years of firsthand experience in Cuba’s tourism industry as well as in working with North American travellers. If you are looking for the opportunity to experience the real Cuba, Authentic Cuba Travel is your gateway to the authentic Cuba.

US Cuba Legal Travel

In terms of visiting Cuba, legal travel from the USA has been all but impossible for over half a century. Right now, however, a rare alteration in travel regulations made by current US President Barack Obama offers US citizens, professionals, educators and students the opportunity to go to Cuba to take part in educational tours and people to people exchanges.

Here at Authentic Cuba Travel, we offer Cuba education tours, Cuba cultural tours, Cuba nature & birdwatching tours, Cuba study tours, Cuba architecture tours, Cuba festival travel, custom tours and more.

Our authentic Cuba tours, as our name implies, offer travellers the chance to see and experience the real and authentic Cuba that lies beyond tourist resorts and in the heart of the land, beauty, food, music, and people that call the island home.

The future of travel from the US to Cuba is uncertain, and right now, travellers have the rare opportunity to take part in fully escorted tours of all types from the team here at

Cuba Education Tours

Cuba Cultural Tours

Cuba Festival Travel

Cuba Nature & Bird Watching Travel

Cuba Architecture Travel

Cuba School Tours

Cuba Tours for Americans

It’s been a few years now since US President reintroduced the so called people-to-people tours to the Caribbean island. Recent surveys show that the ordinary Cuban has now a better and more educated opinion of Americans which was the main objective of the Cuba travel program. Surprisingly it also shows that the majority of Americans traveling to Cuba do also return to USA with a better understanding of the communist nation and the negative impact of the US Embargo on the Cuban people.
Cuba Travel, Havana Jo Jazz Festival 2014. Jo Jazz Festival of Havana The Jo Jazz Havana is the result of music education in Cuba. As talented young jazz musicians emerged from Cuban music schools every year, they are eager to showcase their talents in Havana’s most popular jazz venues.

International Jazz Festival of Havana Cuba Tour 2014; Travel to Cuba for the 30th Jazz Festival of Havana 2014 organized by the renowned Cuban jazz musician Chucho Valdes and sponsored by the Cuban Institute of Music (ICM). The Havana Jazz Festival will run December 17-21, 2014 at several locations in the Cuban capital.

Cuba Travel, Havana Film Festival 2014.
Cuba Festival of New Latin American Cinema 2014. The Havana Film Festival is a Cuban festival that focuses on the promotion of Spanish language filmmakers. It is also known in Spanish as Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano de La Habana.

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